Walk It Out

Who knew catching up on errands could put such a bounce in your step? Well, it does when you’re reasonable walking distance to just about everything and avoid the stress of parallel parking, oh and fresh air and exercise is a plus too. P.S. If you prefer some kind of wheels, literally everything is bikeable.

It’s All About Location

With views for days (of the Olympic Mountain range!) and nearby Sandel and Greenwood Parks, you get some green in your city living without you know, actually having to live somewhere where you can’t get your groceries delivered. Bogtown combines the convenience of living in Seattle with the beauty and neighborhood feel we’re all after.

 Serious Eats
(And Drinks)

Have you dreamt of having a neighborhood restaurant, coffee shop, or bar (a’ la Friends) that just becomes a natural hangout because A. it’s walking distance and B. it’s freaking delicious? Welcome home, my friend. With tons of walkable restaurants and 3 breweries, all that’s missing is your attractive and hilarious band of friends who always seem to be there.


We’ve Got History

Did you know? Bogtown Flats is named for the neighborhood’s boggy beginnings! Formerly known at Woodland, the neighborhood officially made the switch to Greenwood in 1907. Situated in northwest Seattle, Greenwood Avenue carried streetcar and passenger railroad traffic up until the first half of the twentieth century.  The Greenwood neighborhood north of 85th Street was annexed to the city of Seattle in 1954.


Building Community

Here’s the thing—this is our community. We want Bogtown to reflect the values, interests, and diversity of the folks who choose to live in this lovely little corner of the world. That’s why we’re building this community together, brick by brick.