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We offer convenient bicycle storage for our weekend cyclers and daily commuters. Bike storage is labeled and located in the upper P1 garage for your convenience. We also have a bike repair station complete with tools, a wheel chock, and pump.

Please remember we allow bikes to be kept in our Bike Storage Room only and not on your deck or patio. Thank you!

  • Your dog must be on a leash at all times when outside your apartment.
  • Please clean up after your pup at all times. Should an accident happen inside the building, please notify us immediately so that we can sanitize the area. Failure to comply may result in fines of up to $200.
  • We know pups communicate by barking. The occasional bark is not a problem. We just ask that you be mindful of your neighbors in regards to your pet’s volume and bark frequency.
  • Due to allergies, pets are not permitted in the Fitness Center.
  • Please keep up to date on your pet’s vaccinations and registration.
  • Please turn in your Poo Print registration by the due date. Failure to comply may result in a $25 late registration fee.

Doing something fun with your pup? Share your adventure with us by tagging us in your Instagram post with the hashtag #pupsofbogtown—we love seeing them

A garbage disposal is NOT a trash can and nothing should ever be intentionally put into the sink drain.  A garbage disposal is for processing food items that accidentally fall into the drain so that they flow into the systems plumbing easier.

Cleaning out your garbage disposal is simple. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Turn the unit on and run cold water.
  2. Empty two to four trays of ice cubes into the sink and feed ice cubes into the disposal as quickly as it will take it. This will freeze all the stuck debris, causing it to chunk off the impeller blades and out of the holes in the plate/flywheel.
  3. Let the water run for a full minute after the last cube is broken up.
  4. If the garbage disposal smells bad, you can chop up a lemon and feed it down the unit. Be sure to feed it in small chunks so the impeller blades can deal with the tough peel without trouble.
  5. To get rid of smells lingering after the lemon, use a safe, biodegradable drain cleaning product in the disposal such as Bio-Clean. Don’t use drain cleaners, which are mainly fine sand and bleach, or caustics such as Draino, which will corrode your unit’s guts very quickly and cut the life of it in half.

Please never attempt to put any body part in the disposal. Please call building maintenance if you need assistance.

Rent payment is quick and easy with our online resident portal. You can easily access the resident portal on our website by clicking the “RESIDENTS” button at the top of our website and selecting “Pay Rent.” You may make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments using your own checking account. The other option is to use our Bogtown Flats Mobile App. Simply click on “Pay Rent” to pay your move-in charges as well as your monthly rent. Rent is due and payable on or before the first of each month.

Our Maintenance Supervisor is on-site Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. To submit a non-emergency maintenance request, you can do so through the maintenance tab on the Bogtown Flats Mobile App. You may also call or send an email and we will submit a work order to be completed during normal office hours.

Want guaranteed parking? Spaces are available to rent on a monthly basis. Contact your Bogtown team to reserve your parking space.

Resident parking is located in the P1 & P2 levels of the garage. Garage parking is both unreserved and reserved. Parking spaces with storage on P2 Level are reserved and assigned upon move-in and recorded with the office. All residents parking in the garage whether reserved or unreserved, please make sure your parking permit is properly displayed at all times while utilizing the parking garage. Should you change your vehicle, please notify us so we can update your file. Unauthorized parking may result in towing or booting.

Entertain in style from the rooftop of Bogtown Flats. Treat yourself and your guests to a day in the sun or unwind in our Star Lounge and rooftop deck. With expansive seating inside and out, an outdoor fire pit, grilling stations, indoor kitchen and big screen TV, the Star Lounge is a show stopping venue that you can reserve for group dinners, celebrations, watching the big game and cocktail mixers.

The Pet Spaw is located on the P1 level of the garage. The Pet Spaw is open 24/7.

When utilizing the Pet Spaw, please keep the following in mind:

  • All dogs must be leashed or under owner control at all times.
  • Please pick up after your dog in and around the spa.  Accidents happen—no worries! Please let us know of accidents so we can clean and sanitize the area.
  • If your dog has fleas or is under the weather, please refrain from utilizing the Pet Spaw to avoid infecting others.
  • Please keep all tools and supplies in the spaw for others to utilize. Should you want to leave your pet wash supplies for future use—no problem! Please just know that this means the supplies are now free for others to use as well.
  • To avoid slips and falls, please clean up any spills or puddles that made their way outside the washing station.

Quartz is an extremely low maintenance surface that isn’t easily damaged. Following a few simple instructions will keep your countertop looking like new.

  • Use a clean cloth or sponge with mild soap and warm water for routine daily cleaning. Be sure to rinse thoroughly as soap residue can affect the appearance of your quartz countertop.
  • For stubborn spots, use a soft cloth, sponge, or non-scratch pad with a mild, neutral PH, non-abrasive cleaner along with plenty of water to clean the surface. Care should be taken to not scrub too hard to avoid damage to the countertop surface. We recommend Barkeepers Friend with a Brown Scotch Brite Pad to get out stains.
  • For dried residue, a flat object such as a plastic putty knife can be used to gently scrape off the foreign material.
  • Although quartz is extremely scratch resistant, it is not scratch proof. You should never cut or chop directly on your countertop. Always use a cutting board.
  • Always use a hot pad or trivet when setting down hot objects such as pots and pans or plates. Direct contact with extremely high heat can cause damage. Care should be taken when utilizing electric household appliances that may emit high heat such as crockpots, Instant Pots, electrical skillets, etc. as these can potentially damage the surface.
  • Take care to avoid spilling harsh chemicals such as drain cleaners, paint strippers, oven cleaners, bleach, etc. on your quartz countertop. Any accidental spills should be immediately cleaned.

Night out on the town? Heading to the airport? As a Bogtowner, you have exclusive access to free Uber rides!

Here’s how it works:

Every month you’ll have access to two $25 trip credits to utilize between the following days and hours.

Friday: 4:00pm-8:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 1:00pm-8:00pm

Should the ride exceed the $25 allowance, the difference will be billed to your personal Uber account. For example, if your trip fare was $30, $25 will be billed to Bogtown Flats, and $5 will be billed to your personal account.

Follow the 3 steps below to complete your set up and get instant access to this perk:

  1. Sign in. Sign in with your existing Uber credentials. If you are new to Uber, create a new personal account. Make sure the email you use matches the one you provided at move-in as this is the email we have you registered under.
  2. Your business profile. Check your Uber app on your phone to find your new resident profile.
  3. Make sure to select the Bogtown profile when riding during the allotted days and times.

Need assistance? Visit the Uber Help Center, or reach out to Uber’s 24/7 support team at [email protected] for questions related to setting up your business profile.

If you have a maintenance emergency after hours, you can call our office phone and select the maintenance emergency option to speak directly with a member of our maintenance team. Lock-outs are not considered an after hours maintenance emergency.

There’s a quick link with Click to Call in the Maintenance feature in the app.

After hours maintenance emergencies include the following:

  • Electrical failure of any nature
  • No power
  • No water
  • No heat when the outside temperature is below 40 degrees
  • Sewer back-up
  • Clogged commode if home has only one bathroom
  • Major water leak

We are a pet-friendly community and we welcome your four-legged family members! We allow 2 pets per apartment, under 35lbs, with a $35 monthly pet rent. The Pet Deposit is $300 and an additional $100 Pet Deposit for the second pet. All pets must be vaccinated, and spayed or neutered.

Unfortunately, we have no guest parking. If parking on the neighboring streets is full, you can utilize the private parking pay lot which is located next to the Safeway on Greenwood Ave. Guests are not permitted to park in the parking garage at anytime. Unauthorized parking may result in towing or booting.

This tucked away speakeasy den is the perfect place for poker nights, book clubs, and bourbon tastings.